Artist Statement

The concept of Home.

Ireland 2019.

I am this land, from the rocky grey soils of Monaghan, the sandy shores of Dollymount, the Cambrian quartzite peak of the sugar loaf, Galway Bay.

The smell of the gorse on her blanket bogs, the salty tang of the crashing west coast, the hot flatness of the midlands, dampness of Cavan lakes, the soft scent of the Burren.

The taste of wild garlic in the deep damp ditches, low tide Dillish, the heat of horseradish, sun infused wild strawberries, hedgerow blackberries.

The pebble shore ceaseless whisper, the splash of the salmon relentless journey, the rustle of ripen wheat in a late summer breeze fun with wind, the evening cacophonous of the rookery.

The roughness of the bark of pines, the quickness of the dog rose thorns, the softness of the moss underfoot, the weathered coolness of rock, the nettles stinging.

The youthful foot on ancient soil, Eriu three sisters, Cu Chulainn seven fingers, The mushroom forts of the sidhe, Dagda golden harp.



MFA Visual Arts. Bennington College, Vermont, USA.

BA(hons) Fine Art Sculpture. Winchester School of Art, Hampshire, UK.


15 Irish Composers' Collective, Silk with Maria Minguella, Terry Dineen and myself, a multi-media installation and performance funded by the Art Council.


17 St. Peter's, Cork City.
15 Stradbally Art house, Laois.
15 Doneraile Park, Cork. Public Art.
13 Signal Art Centre, Bray, Wicklow.
13 Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet, Mayo .
12 Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny.
11 To Whom it May Concern. Camden Palace, Cork.
10 Threads, Outlaw Studios & Gallery, Cork.
09 Lab life time learning, Cork City. Audio installation.
08 Flight into Fantasy, Athy, Co. Kildare.
05 SAW (Salem Art Works) Upstate New York. USA. Site-specific installation.


17 Carnegie Arts Centre, Kenmare.
17 Mill Cove Gallery, West Cork.
15 HUE. Hive emerging, Waterford.
15 ForM. Bangor Castle walled garden, Down.
14 Trash Culture, Vision Centre, Cork.
14 Blue Moon, Dublin.
11 Art Trail in the Elysian, Cork City.
11 On the threshold hold of everything, inside and out. Tactic, Cork.
11 Clyne Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin.
10 The Gallows, Art in Production, Old Ford assembly line. Cork.
09 Outlaw Studios, Cork City
09 Landfill Art Project, Pennsylvania. USA. International Group Show
09 The Vagina Monologues, Cork City and hinterland. Performance
08 Sculpture for New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. International Group Show
08 Generation 6, A.I.R Gallery, Chelsea. New York City, USA.
08 North Bennington Sculpture Park, Vermont. USA.
07 SAW (Salem Art Works), Upstate New York. USA.
07 North Bennington Sculpture Park, Vermont, USA.
07 Green Mountain Girls Show. Art at 196 N. Main St., Salem, Upstate New York. USA.
06 SAW (Salem Art Works), Upstate New York. USA.
06 70 Beekman Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs. Upstate New York. USA.
04 North Bennington Sculpture Park, Vermont, USA.
04 Skokie Sculpture Park, Chicago. Illinois. USA.
03 ‘Boundaries’ site-specific exhibition, Rutland Carving Studio. Vermont. USA.
03 Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota.